Adam (kenjita) wrote,

To current and future professors,

I hate peer reviews. Please stop including them in the regularly scheduled coursework. Not only do I not want to read someone's shitty essay, but I hate telling them how shitty it is. Conversely, I don't want to obviously be less intelligent than someone. As for my own paper, I just LOVE watching someone either A, completely not read it, or B, attack a major portion of the paper and call it "pointless" because they obviously didn't understand your thesis statement. Also, C, what if they're right? I'm not gonna rewrite my entire paper based on suspect opinions.

For the love of god, I am not paying 16K a year so that I can try and learn from someone who is possibly a moron. I am paying 16K a year so that I can try and learn from YOU. Please to be allowing that to happen. If the opinions of my classmates were worth anything, they'd be teaching the class. Peer reviews are alienating wastes of time and social energy. I dread them, and YET I KEEP HAVING TO DO THEM, EVERY DAMN SEMESTER. ARGH.

Also, I can guarantee you, GUARANTEE YOU I SAY, that what I'm submitting for peer review isn't even a rough draft, but whatever I spat onto the paper the morning of (or the night before), and so any opinion given is likely invalid, as the final draft will in no way resemble what is being reviewed.

Edit: Am I the best at writing papers? Oh god no, I'm not, and I know I can use the practice of writing more papers, but Jesus H Christ on the cross, my classmates are often worse.
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