Adam (kenjita) wrote,

The A Standard

So, I guess I hate my english class, or something. It's nothing personal, it's just at the completely wrong time.

Okay, I don't hate it. But I do take issue with a couple of things, namely:
1. To expect me to be awake enough to provide insight at 8 in the morning (having woken at 6:30) when I work till midnight 4 nights a week (I work till 10 on the other) is a good way to set yourself up for disappointment. It's nothing personal. I'm just tired.

2. Setting the grade standard at C is antiquated, at best. Originally, a C was normal, and in no way does it actually seem a bad grade. As our system is set up now, however, an A paper is a piece of work that fulfills all the requirements to a decent degree. IE, it is the new C.

That's unfortunate, but on paper a C grade is barely passing. A teacher that subscribes to the original system is unfortunately unfairly penalizing students that do decent work with a grade that is viewed by all as rather poor (passing, yes, but by no means great). To take a special exception to the way the grades are treated and viewed (by future institutions of education) is not to make a wave, it's to give a bunch of decent students a C grade when they don't really deserve it. Now, if your entire department or school adhered to the C as standard policy, and made sure that future educational institutions knew it, then suddenly your C isn't really a bad mark, it's just not a huge deal. But an A would be worth something special. As it is, a C is pretty shitty.

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